Olga Baczara DMD Center for Fine Dentistry

“Severna Park Voice”, February 2009

“Center for Fine Dentistry” is the name that Dr. Baczara proudly chose for her new dental center that’s coming to Village of Waugh Chapel in Crofton, Maryland.5603d82a3f

“You have to be an artist to be a good dentist”, she says, “We craft beautiful smiles, while creating comfort and restoring health. Now that’s fine dentistry!”

After becoming a dentist in her native Ukraine, Dr. Baczara graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Being a believer in excellence, she also completed a number of postgraduate programs in comprehensive cosmetic and esthetic restorative dentistry and TMJ disorders with the Pankey Institute of Advanced Dentistry, Dawson Academy and Seattle Institute of Advanced Dentistry.

She opened her Crofton practice in 2003 with the goal of providing high quality cosmetic and restorative dental care in a personalized, relationship based atmosphere. Dr. Baczara believes that quality and meticulous work is important in dentistry, but it does not end there. Making her guests feel comfortable and relaxed, educating and offering choices about their health, answering questions and spending time building a relationship are very important part of her service. “Our patients become our friends”, she says.

Dr. Baczara also likes to travel back to Ukraine to share her expertise with local dentists. Raised in a family of medical doctors (her parents and two brothers practice medicine), Dr. Baczara was able to pass her love for dentistry to her two younger sisters who followed in her footsteps. Both of them loved being her patients. Today the sisters have fun discussing dentistry on a professional level.

Whether it’s giving the ability to enjoy a meal, creating a stunning smile, or getting rid of discomfort and headaches, she enjoys helping people. “We are here to make our guests look good and feel healthy,” she says, “I am glad I can do it being a dentist!”