TMJ Disorders

TMJA healthy TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular-Joint) is a strong foundation for your dental comfort and health. We include a thorough TMJ examination in our comprehensive exam process and offer treatment if necessary.

TMJ pain often occurs due to overstressed chewing muscles as a result of parafunctional habits, like tooth clenching or grinding (bruxism). Most adults are not aware of their bruxism and do not seek dental help, especially if they do not associate jaw pain with teeth.

TMJ and teeth could permanently be affected if this muscle activity continues. The clicks and pops are signs of internal damage to TMJ structures. On the other hand, tooth wear, fractures, and cracks could be signs of developing occlusal disease. This condition could also be responsible for fractured filling, veneers, and new crowns.

Your teeth and the way they fit together play an important role in your TMJ health. Your dental health needs to be carefully assessed not only to treat TMJ disorder symptoms, but to prevent them from occurring. 
We believe that your jaw joints are an essential part of your masticatory system and need to be healthy as part of your wellbeing and comfort. We will take time to address your complaints and symptoms and will make every effort to find a solution. Visit our dental office in Annapolis, Maryland MD, and we will help to treat your TMJ disorder.

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