Your Smile

Is Your Beautiful and Healthy Smile Compromised?

455A0230By Olga Baczara DMD

“Suburban Scene”, September 2008

Signs To Be Concerned About

Have you ever unexpectedly broken or chipped a tooth?

Do you hide your smile because your front teeth look worn and chipped?

Do you feel discomfort when chewing and favor one side of your mouth over the other?

Chances are you are inadvertently developing signs of occlusal disease.

Crack lines that appear innocent at first could lead to broken or even split teeth. Cracked teeth together with tooth wear, TMJ discomfort, muscle tightness, jaw joint “pops”, headaches, unexplained earaches and ringing in the ears could be signs of bite or occlusal disease.

Preventing the Problem

Often damaged teeth are capped, removed and replaced. But that’s usually only a quick fix. The problem still remains, so it’s only a matter of time before the teeth, your new crowns or even implants begin to deteriorate again, while the signs of occlusal disease progress.

A thorough diagnosis by your dentist is the key. It often reveals a misalignment between your teeth and jaw joints. In other words, the top and bottom rows of teeth do not fit properly. This causes them to slide around and bang into each other which results in protective muscle contraction and pain.

Also, if you are planning to have cosmetic dentistry done, it is essential to have jaw/teeth misalignment issues checked and corrected first.

Function and Beauty Go Together

When your bite is corrected and your smile is restored with the proper course of treatment, which should start with alignment of your joints and teeth, the results are more predictable and longer-lasting. Harmony between jaw joints and your teeth will lead to proper function, comfort and beautiful smile.

With today’s technology your teeth should last a lifetime!

Dr. Baczara opened her Crofton practice in 2003 with the goal of providing high quality cosmetic and restorative dental care in personalized, relationship based atmosphere. She believes that quality and meticulous work is important in dentistry, but it does not end there. Making her guests feel comfortable and relaxed, educating and offering choices about their health, answering questions and spending time building a relationship are very important part of her service. Her patients become her friends.

In order to serve her patients better, Dr. Baczara opened the beautiful new office in the Village at Waugh Chapel in Gambrills, MD. The new state-of-the-art Center for Fine Dentistry is located on the first floor of the Anne Arundel Medical Center building in the Village complex.

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