The Gold Standart

Why Gold?


Conservative and minimally invasive gold inlays and onlays allow for excellent esthetic results combined with the longevity of restorations. Gold is the best material of choice for posterior (back) teeth, since gold inlays last the longest and do not compromise your beautiful smile.


Gold inlays and onlays:

  • require minimum tooth removal
  • offer an excellent fit
  • last the longest of all materials
  • maintain a very smooth surface
  • feel like natural tooth enamel
  • not brittle, like all other materials
  • do not wear opposing teeth, like ceramics
  • do not darken teeth, like silver/amalgams
  • do not cause gum irritation, like non-precious metals
  • do not show when smiling
  • protect teeth from breaking
  • are a conservative alternative to a full crown