David M.

David M.

The best dental experience you could ever want. Far and above any I had ever had previously. The office is gorgeous and the treatment is done with the utmost knowledge and care. Highly recommended. Dr. Baczara is a brilliant dentist and a wonderful person.

John Pilch

…Once again let me extend heartfelt thanks for diagnosing and treating a “new” health problem in my life. I am deeply grateful for my health care team, all of whom are very keen diagnosticians who keep a close watch on my health.

Penny Marrazzo

Dr. Baczara,
…Thank you so much … I’m glad that it worked out for your patient. I hope that he knows that first it takes a great dentist for the lab technician to make a great inlay. Please be sure to tell him that…

V. Rev. Fr. Volodymyr Steliac, D.Min.

Dr. Baczara, thank you so very much for everything you have done for me!
You have courageously addressed some serious medical and esthetic dental issues I had.

David M.

I have had the most wonderful experiences as a patient of Dr. Baczara. She is warm and friendly; very knowledgeable; she takes the time and care to deliver the brightest and healthiest smile you could ever want.

Angela R

Dr. Baczara is the most knowledgeable and thorough dentist I’ve ever visited. She spends an extraordinary amount of time with each patient, and is an absolute perfectionist about every detail of her practice.

LeeAnn R.

Thank you for making my many hours in the dentist’s chair as comfortable as possible. The end results are absolutely beautiful! What an amazing dental practice you run and what an exceptional team you are! Your expertise and professionalism are exceptional.