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“What’s Up Annapolis”, October 2008

When you step into Dr. Olga Baczara’s office, you may feel more like you are walking into the home of a good friend. The reception room features comfortable furniture, soft lighting, and family photos of Dr. Baczara’s children. This is just the beginning of a highly personal touch approach to dentistry practiced by Dr. Baczara.lmp08a.indd

Dr. Baczara concentrates in comprehensive cosmetic restorative dentistry and the prevention and treatment of TMJ disorders and occlusal (bite) disease, which are caused by misalignment of your jaw joints and teeth. Symptoms can go far beyond the mouth, so during your co-discovery exam she will take a detailed history of problems you are having such as chipped, broken or sensitive teeth, as well as problems most would not traditionally associate with teeth, such as muscle spasms, jaw clicking, headaches or earaches and ringing in the ears. Photos of your teeth will highlight other signs, such as receding gums, tooth wear and cracks. Finally, she will perform a functional bite analysis, which will identify specifically where the misalignment is occurring.

Dr. Baczara believes in preventing a disease rather than waiting and treating it after it occurs. “My patients deserve the best care”, she says. “Dentistry is like art. With meticulous planning and effort it always works great and looks beautiful”.

After completing initial dental education in her native Ukraine, Dr. Baczara graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine. She has also completed a number of postgraduate programs in cosmetic and restorative dentistry with the Pankey Institute of Advanced Dentistry, Dawson Academy and Seattle Institute of Advanced Dentistry.

Dr. Baczara also travels back to Ukraine to share her expertise at professional conferences there. Raised in a family of medical doctors (her parents and two brothers practice medicine), Dr. Baczara was able to pass her love for dentistry to her two younger sisters who followed in her footsteps.

While many of us have become accustomed to instant gratification, Dr. Baczara makes sure that her patients understand that her quality of care takes time. Her process of identifying and treating the source of your dental problems, as opposed to covering them with quick repairs can save you time and money in the long run, however, as you will not have to go back again and again for repeat treatments throughout your lifetime. “If you put a porcelain crown over a tooth that broke due to misalignment, the same pressure will end up breaking the new crown, too,” she says. “By fixing your bite first, and then using cosmetic treatments, your new beautiful smile will last longer, and you may relieve longstanding discomfort or pain as well.”

In order to serve her patients better, Dr. Baczara is moving from her current dental office in Crofton to a new, beautiful dental office in Waugh Chapel in Gambrills, Maryland. The new dental office in Gambrills is located on the first floor of the Anne Arundel Medical Center building in the Waugh Chapel Village complex.

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