Top Annapolis dentist 2010

“Center for Fine Dentistry” is what Dr. Baczara proudly calls her new Waugh Chapel dental office in Gambrills, Md.  Designing the new office was an exciting project for Dr. Baczara. “It’s fun to love what you do, it’s even more fun to do it in a beautiful place!” she says.baczara_1010

“We think of dentistry as art,” Dr. Baczara explains of her practice. “We craft beautiful and natural smiles, as well as restore health, self-confidence, and comfort. And that is a fine art!”

Dr. Baczara completed a number of postgraduate programs in comprehensive cosmetic and esthetic dentistry and TMJ disorders. There she learned about the new techniques used by only a small percentage of best dentist in the country who are making extraordinary strides toward providing patients with comprehensive dental care.

“I believe in a comprehensive approach to dentistry. When evaluating your dental health, I try to understand and investigate how the teeth evolved to their present condition,” Dr. Baczara explains. “This helps me to prevent dental work failure, since my goal is preventing a problem rather than waiting and treating it after it occurs.”

Comprehensive dental care restores problems such as sensitive or worn teeth, sore jaw muscles, changes in the bite, receding gums, broken-down fillings and recurring headache as a whole system. It involves balancing the bite, teeth, and muscle for stability and longevity. It also requires meticulous planning and a smile design before teeth are restored with bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns.

Comprehensive cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile as well as re-establish chewing surface lost from years of grinding and clenching.

Whether it’s giving the ability to enjoy a meal, creating a stunning smile, or getting rid of pain and headaches, Dr. Baczara enjoys helping people. “We are here to make our guests look good and feel healthy,” she says, “I am glad I can do that being a dentist!”

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